Artist Statement

I work on a series of paintings at the same time but each painting develops its own history at its own pace. I start with a loose intention in mind, often spurred by a collage piece. I keep on adjusting the composition by choosing bold or contrasting colors, bringing in marks and material, scratching and scraping. Thus material and application methods become the dominant driver in my work. Sounds/music accompany and fuel the process.

For me the painting process is a transformative journey where patience, persistence and discernment stimulate and nurture creative and intuitive forces and allow them to guide my hand, often leading to unexpected results.


I was born and raised in a small town in the Black Forest and went at an early age for a decade to live and learn languages in England, France, Peru and Canada. I came back to live near the Black Forest capital, Freiburg im Breisgau. Studying and working in business administration as well as family care was then for a long time the main focus in my life.

But: Art, in some form or another, has always been part of my life. As far back as I can remember, I loved to scribble, draw and paint.

Art classes and workshops provided me with the basic knowledge in arts. I learnt various methods and the creation of abstract art by studying with the following artists:
• Rainer Kaiser (printing methods) – D
• Gabriele Musebrink (stone powder and pigments ) – D
• Robert Süess (Collage and mixed media) – CH
• Nicholas Wilton (CVP 2021) – USA
. Louise Fletcher (FYV 2022) - UK


Solo Shows

2022   "Les étoiles de l'été aveugle" - Rose Ausländer, Centre Diocésain, Besançon

2021    Sept 29 - Nov 10  -  FWTM, Freiburg im Breisgau

2019    „Freigeblasene Leuchtsaat“, Arkana-Forum, Emmendingen

2018    Rathaus-Foyer Gundelfingen
2017    „Klang und Farbe“, Winzerhof Ebringen
2017    „Kunstsalon!“, Tuniberghaus, Freiburg-Tiengen
2016    „Sons et couleurs“, Val-Vignes, St. Hippolyte (F)
2013    „Schichten“, Hotel am Münster, Breisach
2012    Delcanto, Bürgerhaus Denzlingen
2011    „Soundtracks“, Kulturkathedrale, Fabrik Sonntag, Waldkirch

Group Shows

2019     “Blick in die Zukunft – Regards sur l’Avenir“, Meckelhalle Freiburg (D)  / Salle Proudhon, Besançon (F)
2018     Caritas Tagungszentrum, Freiburg
2015     „Im Lauf der Zeit“ - Zeichenlabor, VHS Freiburg
2014     MJC Arbois / Besançon (F)
2013    „Über den Horizont“ – Künstlerkollektiv artstages, KEIDEL-Bad, Freiburg
2012    AK-Kunst Vauban, Freiburg
2011    „Alltägliches“ – Glashaus, Rieselfeld, Freiburg
2010    „Abstrakt“ – Druckerei Simon, Freiburg
2010    „Zeichen der Zeit“ – Final presentation of my project, Kunstkolleg, VHS Freiburg