„Art should be like a holiday: Something to give a man the opportunity to see things differently and to change his point of view.”

Paul Klee


Thank you for dropping by. I am a mixed media abstract artist based in suburbia of the Black Forest capital Freiburg i.e. in the Southwest of Germany, and I am happy to have my beloved France – where I lived for several years – within a stone’s throw.

I create art on paper, canvas and wooden panels, and my work is for sale and can be shipped internationally. Please contact me for any request.

You are Your Art

Colorful, bold and following your intuition by stepping forward in a steady pace.

I love sounds like whispering leaves in trees, burbling creeks, sacred and soulful music, weeping and wailing guitars, the punch of drums and the roaring sound of rock music.

I love beautiful handwritten and calligraphic artifacts and I carry a torch for poetry expression deeply felt emotions.